Leading in Equity and Engagement

Live our Guiding Commitments by Leading in Equity and Engagement

GOAL D1: Foster a thriving culture based on integrity and respect that values all people and the planet.

Objective D1.1 – Ensure that Niner culture supports integrity and respect.

  • Action D1.1.1 – Educate faculty, staff and students about how to support integrity and respect in education, research and University life, and articulate accountability measures.
  • Action D1.1.2 – Employ continuous improvement assessment to understand and expand the infusion of integrity and respect into all aspects of the University’s culture.

Objective D1.2– Make the University a national leader in sustainability.

  • Action D1.2.1 – Update and implement the University’s climate action plan16 with a university sustainability design that includes detailed actions at the unit level, oversight from a campus-wide committee and performance indicators with national benchmarking.
  • Action D1.2.2 – Create a culture where all University employees and students embrace their roles for achieving sustainability goals, including regularly scheduled dissemination and celebration processes to keep this topic at the forefront of people’s decisions and actions.
  • Action D1.2.3 – Build a coalition with businesses, public entities and organizations to share solutions and collaboratively pursue regional sustainability success outcomes.
GOAL D2: Demonstrate leadership in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Objective D2.1 – Create a culture that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Action D2.1.1 – Create and implement an all-encompassing diversity, equity and inclusion strategic plan that supports continuous improvement and aligns with the University’s strategic plan.
  • Action D2.1.2 – Define national leadership in diversity, equity and inclusion in the context of UNC Charlotte’s culture and mission and promulgate the University’s rising national leadership in this field.
  • Action D2.1.3 – Establish University awards for individuals and units providing significant leadership in diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Action D2.1.4 – Develop more and varied training and professional development to educate faculty, staff and students about diversity, equity and inclusion.

Objective D2.2 – Cultivate leadership that demonstrates a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Action D2.2.1 – Promote commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in the University’s leaders, supervisors and administrators through regular education and mentoring that supports and expands their knowledge of best practices.
  • Action D2.2.2 – Expand diversity within leadership levels of the University.
GOAL D3: Enhance policies, practices and resources to make the University a highly desirable place to live, learn and work.

Objective D3.1 – Increase the value of UNC Charlotte as a great place to work and learn.

  • Action D3.1.1 – Maximize agility and responsiveness to employee and student needs.
  • Action D3.1.2 – Optimize policies, practices and procedures for effectiveness, efficiency and equity to ensure that the University offers a work and learning space that meets employer, employee and student needs.
  • Action D3.1.3 – Increase training, professional and leadership development to strengthen employee effectiveness and contribute to staff advancement.
  • Action D3.1.4 – Expand the number, types and visibility of University awards and recognitions that celebrate excellence of full- and part-time faculty, staff and students relating to our Guiding Commitments.
  • Action D3.1.5 – Strengthen faculty and staff governance involvement in relevant decision-making.
  • Action D3.1.6 – Prioritize interpersonal, environmental, vocational and data safety and security through ongoing assessments of sources of harm, determination and implementation of adequate measures, examination of responses to challenges through exercises and simulations and incorporation of results into new policies, procedures and training within existing resources.
  • Action D3.1.7 – Raise awareness of the University’s workplace through its website, traditional and social media, and regional, state and national rankings.

Objective D3.2

Infuse our Guiding Commitments into all University policies and procedures.

  • Action D3.2.1 – Conduct ongoing equity, efficacy and accountability audits of University policies (particularly regarding hiring, employee orientations and performance evaluations) and revise according to audit results.
  • Action D3.2.2. – Ensure that current and new policies and practices are applied with consistency and equity and communicated clearly across all University areas.
  • Action D3.2.3. – Train employees regarding the actions of equity and accountability flowing from the University’s policies to further embed these into the institution’s culture.
  • Action D3.2.4 – Provide educational opportunities for faculty and staff to learn about policy, accountability, expectations and risk assessment.
GOAL D4: Elevate and broaden student, alumni, faculty and staff engagement, investment and lifelong pride in the University.

Objective D4.1 – Enhance an environment that generates student and alumni pride and life-long connection to the University.

  • Action D4.1.1 – Increase collaboration regarding activities and communications across University units to improve student and alumni pride in their alma mater.
  • Action D4.1.2 – Increase collaboration among University Advancement, the Alumni Association, and colleges/departments to develop and implement plans to connect with larger numbers of alumni and employ continuous improvement processes to widen alumni engagement.
  • Action D4.1.3 – Increase alumni and student pride through programming designed to build connections among the University and its alumni and current students.
  • Action D4.1.4 – Utilize technology to increase communications, outreach and engagement with alumni and to expand advancement efforts.

Objective D4.2 – Expand outreach and build institutional branding and visibility through a unifying, comprehensive communications plan.

  • Action D4.2.1 – Develop and execute a strategic, comprehensive communications plan that encompasses the new strengths and positioning of the University and synergistically aligns departments’ communication with University branding messaging.
  • Action D4.2.2 – Elevate the institution’s national profile as a research institution by developing and executing a research-based, consistent and cohesive brand and marketing strategy.
  • Action D4.2.3 – Increase national and international visibility for the University’s portfolio of strong academic programs through a comprehensive messaging strategy.
  • Action D4.2.4 – Define and communicate the “Charlotte Model” and the UNC Charlotte urban research university framework.
GOAL D5: Expand the use of community programs and activities, including athletics, performing arts, design, gardens and campus, to enhance the University’s reputation, grow enrollment and bolster engagement.

Objective D5.1 – Improve the experiences of student-athletes and increase fan engagement.

  • Action D5.1.1 – Win championships by recruiting and developing high-caliber student-athletes, hiring exceptional coaches and athletics staff, and providing the resources and facilities necessary to achieve competitive excellence.
  • Action D5.1.2 – Graduate student-athletes positioned well for post-college success by committing to their total personal development through academic programming and guidance, leadership training, community service, and mental and physical health care.
  • Action D5.1.3 – Engage Niner Nation by delivering a successful, visible program that generates enthusiasm, active participation and attendance, as well as strong financial support.
  • Action D5.1.4 – Earn national recognition by achieving competitive excellence, brand prominence and significant exposure on multiple media platforms.

Objective D5.2 –Enhance reputation, bolster engagement, and contribute to enrollment through the promotion of the University’s arts, design, performing arts, library, gardens and beautiful campus.

  • Action D5.2.1 – Assess current campus-based enrichment and engagement activities in arts, design, performing arts, library, and gardens; develop and execute a plan with stakeholder involvement (faculty, staff, students and community) with performance indicators to welcome and increase the presence and involvement of community members.
  • Action D5.2.2 – Inventory current enrichment and engagement activities relating to arts, design, performing arts, library and gardens that can be offered at off-campus locations; create and enact a plan with stakeholder involvement (faculty, staff, students and community) to take these into regional communities to enable participation by more people.
  • Action D5.2.3 – Attract visitors through increased events, advertising and community partnerships to the University’s locations to showcase the institution and its education, research, engagement, enrichment activities and beautiful campus and address hurdles that hinder visitor access and engagement.
  • Action D5.2.4 – Host more conferences and meetings for local, national and international organizations to amplify institutional visibility and prestige.

Objective D5.3 – Grow philanthropic support for the University.

  • Action D5.3.1 – Design and implement a multi-year capital campaign that supports the University’s goals established in this strategic plan.
  • Action D5.3.2 – Expand fundraising capacity among University alumni and friends, grow the number and size of donations.
  • Action D5.3.3 – Strengthen fundraising collaborations among University Advancement, colleges and departments.
  • Action D5.3.4 – Develop and nurture deans as fundraising initiators and partners in collaboration with University Advancement.
  • Action D5.3.5 – Make the case to students for showing pride in the University, investing in their alma mater and paying forward the educational legacy of the University for future students after graduation, and participating in the giving tradition during the student years.